3d Models and Photomontages

Three dimensional computer models of terrain, buildings and proposed projects along with photomontages and photo-realistic images.

Photorealistic 3 Dimensional Imagery


Our firm offers the following services to our clients:

  • 3d Computer Models
  • Photomontages
  • 3d Site Maps
  • Fly-bys
  • 3-dimensional drawings for physical models


3d computer modelling is one of the most effective methods of visualising a project, particularly large scale developments involving a number of buildings, complex landscaping or buildings spread across a number of levels. Photorealistic models and photomontages are ideal for visualising and assessing a building or plan and contextualising a proposed development within existing landscapes and city/townscapes. Both 3d Models and photomontages are particularly effective for demonstrating proposals to a wider audience or to a range of project stakeholders.


A 3d model can be used to highlight potential conflicts and problems that may arise during the construction process. These problems can relate to the installation of services, casting of shadows and site positioning. Models can be used from the outset of a project to evaluate the merits of a number of different design options. A series of images can be created from a 3d model and accurately transposed onto photographs of the existing environment. We have carried out this photomontage process to great effect on a number of recent developments in areas of architectural conservation and on structures protected under The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) of Ireland.


3d models and photomontages can form a pivotal part of the design process for complex structures and where construction is taking place in a visually sensitive area. They are also an extremely useful tool for allowing projects to be visualised by a larger audience who may not be familiar with reading architectural and engineering drawings and specifications. We can prepare 3d Models and photomontages for our clients as part of a full design package or we can provide a standalone service for clients who may already have architectural and engineering designs in place.


Some sample photomontages and a 3d "Fly-by" are shown below.


Photomontage and 3d Animations

Some sample photomontages and a 3d "Fly-by" are shown below.