Energy Design & BER

Domestic and Non-Domestic BER Certificates as well as "Part L" Design and Certification for new build projects and extensions.

Building Energy Rating and "Part L" Design


Our firm offers the following Energy Design Services:

  • Domestic BER Certification
  • Non-Domestic BER Certification
  • Display Energy Certification (DEC)
  • Building Regulations Part L Compliance Design and Checking
  • Renewable Energy system sizing, design and advice
  • Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)


Building Energy Ratings (BER) are mandatory when a dwelling or non-domestic premises is available for sale or rent. Only a registered BER Assessor can prepare a BER Certificate. We are qualified to assess both domestic and non-domestic premises and prepare BER Certificates for them. We are also registered to provide Display Energy Certificates (DEC) for large public buildings such as schools.

Efficient energy design of buildings goes far beyond the preparation of a BER or DEC certificate. Technical Guidance Document L of the Building Regulations provides a series of goals and requirements for new and newly renovated dwellings and non-domestic premises. We not only offer clients design services to ensure their building meets the requirements of Part L but we can also analyse their proposed building works and provide advice on the most efficient cost effective solutions for the building in terms of both energy saving and renewable energy generation. This can include, where necessary, the analysis of potential “pay-back” periods for various energy solutions.

"NZEB" (Near Zero Energy Building)

We detail and specify building fabric and heating/cooling solutions to allow the most modern of buildings to meet stringent NZEB and Technical Guidance Document L requirements.

For both domestic and non-domestic buildings we can provide a “start-to-finish” service in terms of energy efficient design, including design, detailing and supervision. We will design appropriate levels of insulation, air-tightness, renewable energy devices (such as solar panels and geothermal heating) and provide detailed drawings and specifications for their correct installation and use. We will then supervise the installation of these items on-site to ensure efficient results.

For large and complex non-domestic buildings with varying occupancy profiles we can carry out Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) to provide an in-depth analysis of potential energy use. These simulations can be used to select and tune specific energy efficiency techniques and devices to ensure building-wide savings. Designs may include solar atria, natural ventilation systems and renewable energy systems.