Marine Engineering

Bespoke Offshore, Nearshore and Coastal Engineering design and numerical modelling as well as Research and Development programme specification.

Offshore, Coastal and Nearshore Computational and Design Services


We offer Marine Engineering services such as the following to our clients:


  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Buoy Design
  • Mooring Design
  • Pier Design
  • Causeway Design
  • Wave modelling including Monochromatic and Irregular wave modelling
  • Hydrodynamic Modelling including Tidal Modelling
  • Overtopping Studies
  • Coastal Zone Process Modelling (Longshore Currents, Rip Currents, Set-Up / Set-Down)
  • Wave Energy Modelling
  • Energy Balanced Wave Models
  • Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting
  • Dispersion Modelling


    Our firm provides our clients with raft of Marine Engineering services suitable for developments in nearshore, offshore and fresh-water environments. We provide tailored solutions for each project in consultation with the client. We can develop fully integrated bespoke models using finite element or finite difference techniques for large scale studies or use existing techniques and models to address specific items of interest.

    We have developed a particular expertise in the area of wave and hydrodynamic computer modelling. This includes wave energy, wave force and wave field models as well as hydrodynamic models of tide and wave-generated effects. Using an array of tools we can deliver design details for clients interested in wave forces imparted on structures, wave energy delivered to renewable energy devices, wave overtopping, tidal forces, tidal energy and dispersion modelling for sediment or pollutants.

    In the Marine Engineering sector each project is as unique as the environment in which it is located. We are delighted to engage with potential clients to discuss their specific needs in detail and how our range services can be tailored to their requirements. Our complimentary engineering skills in the areas of marine and structural engineering provide a “one-stop” solution for many clients. We also act as marine engineering sub-consultants to organisations wishing to provide such services to their clients.

    Some of our Marine Engineering publications are listed below:

    Newell, C. 2010. A Mathematical and Numerical Examination of Wave-Current Interaction and Wave Driven Hydrodynamics. PhD Thesis. NUI, Galway.

    Newell, C. and Mullarkey, T., 2007a. The Sensitivity of Set-up/Set-down and Wave-Driven Currents to Different Breaking Models, 26th International Conference on Offshore and Arctic Engineering. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, San Diego, CA, USA.

    Newell, C. and Mullarkey, T., 2007b. Wave-Current Interaction Involving Iteration between Finite Element Wave and Current Models. Journal of Coastal Research(SI 50).

    Newell, C., Mullarkey, T. and Clyne, M., 2005a. The Development of a Finite Element Wave-Current Interaction Model, Canadian Coastal Conference, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

    Newell, C., Mullarkey, T. and Clyne, M., 2005b. Radiation Stress due to ocean waves and the resulting currents and set-up/set-down. Ocean Dynamics, 55: 499-514.


    Research and Development

    We also offer guidance and technical assistance including process improvement, programme management and documentation and resource recording to clients engaging in ongoing research and development in Marine Engineering and other advanced engineering fields.