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Our Firm

Patrick J. Newell Consulting Engineers was established in 1976. We provide planning, design and project management in the general fields of Engineering, Architectural Services, Environmental Assessments, Water Supply, Effluent Treatment, Transport, UN and EU overseas aid projects, expert legal services and many other similar areas. We provides services to large, medium and small local companies and individual traders both nationally and internationally. We have provided planning, design and project management on many private and State Funded projects. Over the years the Firm has developed extensive in-house expertise which includes CAD, computer modelling (including coastal off-shore processes), GIS, and through its extensive range of contacts arising from previous projects, it has access to expertise in the areas of ecology, geology and archaeology together with several other specialist areas including heritage and conservation.

Our Team

Patrick J. Newell, B.E., Ph.D., C.Eng., EurIng, MIEI.

Patrick J. Newell founded the firm in 1976. His wide ranging experience has been accumulated over many years of design, site work and research. His particular areas of expertise are structural engineering, civil engineering, waste water treatment, architecture and planning. He has consulted on behalf of a wide range of government, educational, semi-public and private companies and individuals. His familiarity with grant systems and application processes has been of valuable experience to his clients in the education sector and his doctoral degree and expertise in wastewater treatment has been called upon for consulting work on behalf of the European Union, United Nations and many private companies such as Altech.


Carl Newell, B.E., Ph.D., C.Eng., MIEI.  

Carl Newell joined the firm in 2006. Carl is a Chartered Engineer and has a first class honours degree in civil engineering and a doctoral degree in marine engineering. Carl’s areas of expertise include contract management, structural, conservation, civil and marine engineering, as well as computer and finite element modelling. Carl has utilised his skills on behalf of the firm in the design and detailing of complex foundations and structural elements including steel and concrete frames and structures, as well as in the design and modelling of offshore elements, such as floating buoys and coastal structures. Carl’s work on behalf of Patrick J. Newell Consulting Engineers has also included design of complex masonry structures and design of storm and wastewater management and disposal systems. Carl is also skilled in the design and detail of energy efficient buildings and is a registered domestic and non-domestic BER assessor. Carl lectures on aspects of Building Control and Building Regulations as well as Site Managment for the Construction Industry Federation.


Pat Newell, B.E., M.Eng. Sc., MIEI.  

Pat Newell joined this firm in 2012 following the completion of his Master’s Degree and NUI Galway. Pat has a primary degree in civil engineering and a masters degree in highway engineering. Pat has completed courses in the design and detailing of septic tank and sewage treatment systems. Pat also has expertise in the areas of Health and Safety in Design and is qualified to take the role Project Supervisor Design Process. Pat's particular expertise in the areas of effluent and wastewater treatment, civil engineering, highway engineering including bituminous materials, three dimensional modelling and Health and Safety Design allow him to provide a strong service to our clients. Pat’s wide ranging skills have been used in such diverse areas as the design of wastewater treatment systems for large educational institutions to the three dimensional modelling of large developments.


David Brannick, B.E., MIEI.

David Brannick gained his degree at Sligo IT and joined this firm in 2004. David specialises in Fire Safety design and certification as well as Disability Access design and Disability Access Certificates. His experience includes the design of residential care facilities, educational institutions, commercial buildings and residential buildings. He has completed CPD courses in many aspects of fire safety and design and has an in depth and detailed knowledge of the most up to date developments in this area both nationally and internationally. David has complimentary skills in terms of planning permissions, building design, internal and external building drainage and structural design as well as building specification.


Bernard Geraghty, Nat.Dip.Const.

Bernard Geraghty joined the firm in 1996 as a draughtsman. Bernard has a unique and detailed skillset in terms of design and detail of civil and structural engineering projects. Bernard has expertise in both planning permission and construction drawings from single dwellings to estate developments with 100+ dwellings. Bernard has also completed planning and structural drawings as well as site layouts and other mapping duties for residential, commercial and educational buildings. His skills in surveying and measurement ensure that projects on existing developments including renovations and retention applications are dealt with accurately and effectively.


Anne Byrne

Anne joined the firm in 2001 in an administrative and secretarial role. She has extensive experience in dealing with the administrative duties of a civil/structural engineering firm. Her expertise include project/office management as well as project planning, collating and despatch. Her in-depth knowledge of the planning system ensures our clients receive timely and accurate service for each unique project.



Our Commitments

Our company is an equal opportunity employer and we hold all suitable insurances and tax clearances. We operate a detailed Health and Safety Policy throughout our practice to ensure the safety of our clients, staff, the general public and any operatives or users of infrastructure we design. Our company encourages continuous professional development amongst its employees to ensure that the staff are well educated and are best equiped to use the most modern and state-of-the-art design practices and tools.