Building Certification

Our Chartered Engineers offer our clients a prompt, efficient and competitive service for certifying their buildings in compliance with the Planning, Building Control, Fire Safety and Disability Access Regulations

Construction Certification

Our firm offer the following Building Certification services:

  • Assigned Certifier
  • Design Certifier
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Certificates of Area (for sites, land transfers, etc.)
  • Interim Certificates
  • Stage Payment Certificates for Lending Institutions

Following preparation of detailed drawings and specifications for a building or structure it is vital that the building be constructed in accordance with these specifications and in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated Technical Guidance Documents. Our firm of Chartered Engineers can inspect and certify the construction of dwelling houses or larger structures from start to finish including acting as the Assigned Certifier or as a Design Certifier. Through a defined series of site inspections, as well as associated design calculations, we will ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are met and all relevant rules and laws regarding construction are complied with. We will certify completion and will provide interim certificates to allow stage payments on mortgages or loans. We offer this service for buildings we design in-house and we will develop appropriate construction drawings and specifications for clients who have planning drawings and specifications already in hand.



Assigned Certifier -
Building Control (Amendment) Regulations

The new Building Control regime is challenging for designers, builders and clients alike but will lead to an improved quality of construction and benefit society at large.


Building control certification includes a number of steps, all of which our firm of Chartered Engineers are qualified to carry out/supervise:

  • A “Design Certificate” or "Certificate of Compliance - Design" including full building drawings and specifications, as well as an inspection schedule, are prepared and lodged with the Local Authority at commencement stage. We prepare this documentation and ensure the proposed building complies with all relevant regulations. On larger projects we liaise with the other stake-holders and Design Certifiers.
  • An “Undertaking to Inspect and Certify” from a suitably qualified professional. Patrick J. Newell is a Chartered Engineer and is suitably qualified to act as "Assigned Certifier" inspecting and certifying building works.
  • The project contractor/builder provides the client with an undertaking to construct the building in compliance with all relevant drawings, documents and specifications. Other construction professionals and suppliers provide "Ancilliary Certificates" to certify their input to the project.
  • A “Completion Certificate” or "Certificate of Compliance - Completion" along with As-Constructed Drawings and Specifications must be submitted to the Building Control Authority when the building is finished, prior to occupation. Our firm, in conjunction with the contractor/builder, complete this certificate and prepare the associated documents based on our inspections of the construction process.


We also provide inspection and certification services for one-off dwelling house developments where the owners wish to "Opt-Out" of statutory certification. We develop bespoke certification plans in these cases to assist our clients in achieving a high quality of construction.