Agricultural Design & Planning

We provide design and planning services for Agricultural Projects including Dairy Expansion, Shed and Tank Construction, Farm Surveys and Grant Applications.

Design and Planning of Agricultural Expansion Projects


We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Dairy Expansion Design and Detailing
  • Planning Applications
  • Shed and Tank Design
  • Drawings and Details for Grant Applications
  • Aerial Photography
  • GPS Surveying
  • Paddock / Plot Set-Out and Surveying


Our bespoke designs are created in consultation with the individual farmer to ensure the resulting development fits within the working flow of the farm processes and resources. All farmyards are different so each agricultural project requires a unique design to operate effectively.


We also offer certification services including opinions on compliance with planning and building regulations and drawdown certificates for financial institutions.

Our complimentary setting-out skills allow us to accurately position services and structures on site during construction stages or to lay out paddocks and fencing positions for farm upgrades. We measure and draw land registry compliant transfer maps for ownership transfers or new purchases of land and sites.


Modern Aerial Surveying

We utilise drone technology to provide aerial photography, mapping, 3d models and digital terrain modelling.